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Big machine (storm)

  • Dell PowerEdge R730, Pamafe Informática, Lda, 12.10.2016
  • Hosted in CICA's data centre since mid October 2016
  • Processor: Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2650 v4 2.2 GHz
  • Operating System: Debian Linux
  • Chipset: Intel C610 series chipset
  • Memory: 4 DIMM slots, 32GB DDR4 up to 2400MT/s
  • Storage: 3 HDD SAS, 6TB
  • RAID Controllers: PERC H330/H730/H730P
  • Network Controller: 4 x 1Gb, 2 x 1Gb + 2 x 10Gb, 4 x 10Gb
  • Chassis dimensions: H: 8.73 cm x W: 44.40 cm x D: 68.40 cm
  • Management: OpenManage Essentials console
  • Virtualization using KVM

Storm @ CICA

Virtual machines

Division of the total physical resources available:

  • NEWA: 1 CPU (12 cores), 200 GiB, 9.0 TiB (maybe more in the near future)
  • CICA: 1 CPU (12 cores), xx GiB, xx GiB

The deployment of the WindsP app uses 4 machines: Application server (, Operational database (, Documents database (, Data server ( [WindsP architecture] .

WindsP architecture

Moreover, the project uses another VM for tests ( with the stakeholders to prepare the deployment of a new version, another VM for beta tests ( to prepare for new versions, and another VM for public and internal project documentation (

All WindsP VMs use the Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS server operating system.

The total resources allocated for all VM are larger then the physical resources to allow the hypervisor to dynamically decide what resources to use based on the current workload,

1. Application server (windsp)

Machine running Nginx 1.9.15 and Node.js v4.6.1 LTS to host the server side of the WindsP app.

Resources: 4 VCPU, 12 GiB, 100 GiB
ports: 80

2. Operational database (windspdb)

Machine running the Relational database PostgreSQL 9.5 inside the Intranet.

Resources: 4 VCPU, 64 GiB, 100 GiB
ports: N/A (available only in an internal VPN for the project VMs)

3. Documents database (windspdoc)

Machine running the NoSQL database MongoDB 3.2 inside the Intranet.

Resources: 4 VCPU, 32 GiB, 500 GiB
ports: N/A (available only in an internal VPN for the project VMs)

4. Data server (windsptds)

Machine managing all collected datasets and running the THREDDS Data Server 4.6 and an rsync server.

Resources: 8 VCPU, 64 GiB, 8 TiB (it may grow in the future)
ports: 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), 873 (RSYNC)

5. Documentation (winds)

Documentation machine with the Web presence of Perdigão and the internal project (wiki) documentation running the Apache httpd 2.4.23.

Resources: 2 VCPU, 4 GiB, 100 GiB
ports: 80 (HTTP)

6. Application server staging (windsp-staging)

Machine used for tests (the next release) with the stakeholders. Identical to the production machine (windsp) but runs also all components needed for testing (Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, TDS).

Resources: 2 VCPU, 12 GiB, 256 GiB
ports: 80 (HTTP)

7. Application server testing (windsp-test)

Machine used for tests (new features) for internal use only. Identical to the production machine (windsp) but runs also all components needed for testing (Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, TDS).

Resources: 2 VCPU, 12 GiB, 256 GiB
ports: 80 (HTTP)


Mach. CPU Mem Disc
Node.js server (windsp) 4 12 GiB 0.10 TiB
PostgreSQL 9.6 (windspdb) 4 64 GiB 0,10 TiB
MongoDB 3.2 (windspdoc) 4 32 GiB 0,50 TiB
TDS 4.6 (windsptds) 8 64 GiB 8.00 TiB
Apache 2.4 (winds) 2 4 GiB 0,10 TiB
Node.js staging (windsp-staging) 2 12 GiB 0,25 TiB
Node.js testing (windsp-test) 2 12 GiB 0,25 TiB
Total 26 200 GiB 9,35 TiB

Server characteristics

  • R730/xd Motherboard MLK
  • Intel Xeon E5-2650 v4 2.2GHz,30M Cache,9.60GT/s QPI,Turbo,HT,12C/24T (105W)
  • Max Mem 2400MHz
  • R730/xd PCIe Riser 2, Center
  • 1 330-BBCQ R730 PCIe Riser 3, Left
  • Quick Sync Bezel
  • Chassis with up to 8, 3.5“ Hard Drives
  • Performance Optimized
  • (4x) 32GB RDIMM, 2400MT/s, Dual Rank, x4 Data Width
  • DIMM Blanks for System with 1 Processor
  • Standard Heatsink for PowerEdge R730/R730xd
  • R730 PCIe Riser 1 Filler Blank, Right
  • iDRAC8 Enterprise, integrated Dell Remote Access Controller, Enterprise
  • (3x) 6TB 7.2K RPM SAS 12Gbps 4Kn 3.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive
  • PERC H730 Integrated RAID Controller, 1GB Cache
  • DVD+/-RW, SATA, Internal
  • Dual, Hot-plug, Redundant Power Supply (1+1), 750W
  • (2x) C13 to C14, PDU Style, 10 AMP, 6.5 Feet (2m), Power Cord
  • PowerEdge Server FIPS TPM 2.0
  • Order Configuration Shipbox Label (PO Number, Ship Date, Model, ProcessorSpeed, HDD Size, RAM)
  • PCIe Slot Filler, R730/R730xd
  • ReadyRails Sliding Rails With Cable Management Arm
  • No RAID for H330/H730/H730P (1-16 HDDs or SSDs)
  • Software
  • Performance BIOS Settings
  • OpenManage Essentials, Server Configuration Management
  • Electronic System Documentation and OpenManage DVD Kit for R730 and R730xd
  • Service
  • Base Warranty
  • 3Yr Basic Warranty - Next Business Day - Minimum Warranty
  • 4Yr Basic Warranty - Next Business Day

Characteristics and components
Invoice w/ costs

Catalog images

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